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What is TheDripp.io, anyway?

We want to help push forward fair, global ecommerce without the need for tradfi payment processors. To build that platform that we also need products Web3 communities want to buy. So we’re building a fashion and lifestyle brand, and a tech platform at the same time.

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Who are you, and are you doxxed?

TheDripp.io was started by a small international team of entrepreneurs and artists, with the intent to build a fashion and lifestyle brand for the Solana community. We have not doxxed, but might in the future.

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What makes you think you can create a lifestyle brand?

The project is funded by a $50M global corporation that has already built successful brands with hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide. We know what we are doing.

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Why is TheDripp.io built on WordPress?

The current product is a proof of concept. Rather than worry about a tech stack, we are using what we know works today to make sure the most important parts of the project – creating quality collections and delivering them to customers – is our focus.

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Will you expand to other chains?

We believe Solana is the best place to launch our project. The creative community is young, global, and growing. TheDripp.io may expand to other chains in the future, but there are no plans to do so right now.

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How can I get involved?

We are slowly growing our team based on the need. It takes a lot of hands to deliver physical products and run an online business. Join us on Twitter for future opportunties to get involved with the project.

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