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LIVE: Web3 Collectibles ↗

Create a lifestyle brand in partnership with popular Web3 projects.

On Chain Ownership

Track and store physical collectibles on chain. Buy and sell on open markets.

Expansion ↗

Move to profitability through global licensing, merchandising, and sales.


Ecommerce for all.

We’re developing new ways for creators to grow on the Solana blockchain. And it all starts with payment processing.

Expensive, old tech stacks run by centralized tradfi organizations are holding back global creators with incredible ideas. Without western bank accounts, much of the world is unable to take payments online.

We aim to change that, beginning with our collective of artists, musicians, designers, and developers. By creating complex funnels beginning with proof of concept built on third party platforms we are working backward to understand what Web3 users really want.

Creating is a human experience, and that does not precisely align with the trustless, decentralized nature of the blockchain.

We’re bringing the right people to the table to solve the problem.

The future is bright for blockchain technology. But more work needs to be done.

By purchasing goods through our website you are joining in our quest to change how the world thinks about modern payment processing, and helping us create a parallel economy where everyone is welcome.